Thursday - Winterclass descriptions

Kids Dance and Movement - Taught by Anastasia
Thursdays from 5:30 to 6 pm at DSI (205A Pacific Ave.)

Continuing this session! This class is for children 12 and under. It will be a multi-age group and meant for younger or new to dance children. The class will start with a warm up to get the children ready to follow the teacher in a variety of travelling and dance moves. The focus will be on coordination , remembering dance movements from week to week and having fun. Middle Eastern music will be used to expose them to a different sounding music then what they usually hear.
There is another class following this class so is very important that your children are picked up at 6pm. Adults are welcome to stay at DSI while class is underway, there is a front seating area.

Begineer/FoundationBelly Dance - Taught by Anastasia
Thursdays from 6 to 7 pm at DSI (205A Pacific Ave.)

This class is for all levels, a great class to start your journey into Belly Dance and also for those with experience that would like to drill technique. Developing, maintaining and expanding on a strong foundation of dance technique will help you grow as a dancer. These classes will use a standard vocabulary and familiarize you with the Desert Beat Technique (DBT). This technique will be used in the oriental and fusion classes to standardize our dance movements and their terminology. By taking the foundation classes you may experience faster progress in the oriental and fusion class. At the end of the 10 weeks, new dancers will have been introduced to a variety of belly dance movements to build a solid foundation and be able to continue with more advanced moves and layering. Experienced dancers will adapt quickly to the DBT and use this foundation of movements to be able to excel at their layering, transition and combination of moves. Travelling, dynamics and level changes will also be taught along with combos to learn transitions from one move to another.

Fusion Belly Dance - Taught by Anastasia
Thursdays from 7 to 8 pm at DSI (205A Pacific Ave)

This class will focus on taking foundational belly dance moves and fusing them with other dance influences and stylizing them to the flavor of the music. Each class will begin with a warm up and at times the focus of the class will be on exercises to help improve your strength, stamina, posture and dance technique. Drills and combos will be used to command the body through slinky slow, funky fast and brain teaser combinations. The focus of the class will be to gain awareness of body mechanics to create movement and flow to match the story in the music.
This class is meant for all levels, but previous experience or in combination with the foundation class is strongly encouraged.

Troupe BellyDance - Taught by Anastasia
Thursdays from 8 to 9 pm at DSI (205A Pacific Ave.)

Troupe class is open to ALL experienced dancers who are ready to commit to performance. You must have at least three years of dance experience of any style and be ready to work in class and on your own. You do not have to have belly dance experience, but if you do not is strongly encouraged to take the foundation and/or the fusion class.
This class will focus on learning choreographed pieces and working through staging and flow from piece to piece. The style of dance pieces will draw on many forms and dancers are encouraged to contribute to the choreographies and music input. Video will often be used in class to help show group synchronization and areas to work on. Students will be expected to work on material and listen to music outside of class to be able to move further in each class.
The class may be split into two groups such as; those ready to perform and those who wish to but still require refinement. Those considered ready to perform will learn choreographies quickly, have strong stage presence, have staging awareness, be able to perform on their own or in small groups and be available for performance opportunities. Cybelle will be the first piece reviewed/taught.